Minotaur Global Opportunities Fund

The Minotaur Global Opportunities Fund is an Australian wholesale fund which will implement a long/short global equities strategy, supported by fundamental analysis and supplemented by advanced technological tools. The strategy integrates  the use of proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) and large language model (LLM) tools for enhancing market analysis, supporting idea generation, and contributing to Portfolio construction. This approach is aimed at effectively utilising extensive data and analytical models to inform investment decisions and assist in risk management processes.

With Minotaur’s proprietary software, the Fund intends to conduct detailed analysis of investment opportunities and continuously monitor Portfolio risk metrics such as Value at Risk and factor exposures. The technology helps in evaluating how adjustments in the Portfolio may affect its overall risk and return characteristics.

While technology plays a critical role in Minotaur’s process, it serves to complement—not replace—the expert judgement of the investment team. Decisions are ultimately made through the lens of experienced fund managers, ensuring that each investment aligns with our rigorous standards for quality and value.

Minotaur Capital Management Pty Ltd (Minotaur or Investment Manager) is the investment manager of the Fund. As the investment manager, Minotaur selects and manages the assets of the Fund.

The Minotaur Global Opportunities Fund aims to generate returns above the MSCI All Country World Index.

If you would like to receive information regarding this Fund, please contact us at invest@k2am.com.au