Storehouse Residential Trust

The Storehouse Residential Trust provides investors with access to a diversified residential property based investment portfolio. The Trust’s focus is assets located in Australia’s major cities. The Trust is available for both retail and wholesale investors.

The Trust aims to build wealth for investors through the capital growth and income derived from a residential property based portfolio. The Trust portfolio will comprise of a combination of residential properties occupied by tenants and which may be owned directly and indirectly by the Trust, and a portfolio of Shared Equity Investments in residential properties occupied by Home Owners. The capital growth will be derived from both new and existing residential properties across diversified Australian cities.

The underlying residential properties to which the Trust has exposure through its portfolio of Shared Equity Investments will comprise of stand-alone dwellings, townhouses, units and apartments. The Trust may also invest funds not allocated to a specific property investment in listed property trusts, among other assets.

The Trust is designed to offer investors a way to enter this asset class without the usual burdens associated with owning and maintaining a specific property. As far as practical, investors enjoy the experience of investing in property with the Fund Manager managing all the behind the scenes issues of ownership.

The Trust gives investors access to an investment in a professionally managed residential property based investment portfolio for a minimum initial investment amount of $5,000.

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